Posted by: davidrcollier | June 29, 2009

Read these blogs

As well as your current reading, please try to follow the latest postings on these blogs/news sources.

As mentioned, the easiest way would be to subscribe to them through an RSS reader. If you have any suggestions for other notable blogs that offer good postings about media/politics, please add a comment below.

General media/politics blogs:

  • Howard Kurtz writes frequently on topics that intersect both media and politics for the Washington Post – a good place to start.
  • Nieman Journalism Lab is the blog of the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University, a project looking at issues in journalism in the internet age.

Left of center blogs:

  • Huffington Post is now a huge online blog with lots of contributors, including politicians, area experts and even celebrities (woo!). It has separate sections for ‘media’ and ‘politics’ so be sure to focus on those two areas during your readings
  • Talking Points Memo is a left-leaning blog famed for investigative journalism, winning a Polk award in 2008 for its work on the US attorney scandal.

Right-of-center blogs:

  • Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, hosted by the Atlantic Monthly is a very well-respected blog, winning the Weblog Award of best blog in 2008
  • Instapundit is run by Glenn Reynolds, a law professor at the University of Tennessee. It has become one of the most-read conservative blogs on the internet

With an eye on our class on media bias in a couple of weeks, I would recommend you also keep an eye on the blogs that attempt to track of bias; both liberal blogs that follow conservative media, and conservative blogs that follow liberal media:



  1. is a blog that I use for breaking political news. I’ve found it pretty useful.

  2. Is Andrew Sullivan still right of center? I thought he’s sort of estranged from the Republican Party? Granted I’ve only been reading since the Iranian election, but he hasn’t been complimentary to neocons or Republicans like McCain during that time. Is this purely because of foreign policy differences, or is there a larger rift?

  3. is a liberal feminist blog that covers everything from celebrities and fashion to hot-botton social issues. That is the link to the politics category but sometimes the sorting isn’t right on target, so you might want to click display – all. – not 100% concerned with politics, but some great posts on the press and media, similar to Jezebel and also with a liberal slant.

  4. is a solid liberal blog focussing on MA politics

  5. Thank you for your suggestions – I’ll definitely be checking out those sites.

    As for Sullivan. I would still class him as a right-of-center blogger, despite having substantive issues with neoconservatism and crossing over the ideological barrier on a few issues. Many fiscal conservatives have similar problems with some of the policies advocated by the Bush adminstration. Altho not a partisan, he is still conservative on the whole.

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