Posted by: davidrcollier | June 30, 2009

Mystery Lady – Helen Thomas

Thanks to Karina for correctly identifying, the mystery lady. I will try to remember to bring your prize tomorrow. Also thanks to Christine & Daniel for providing extra background information.

As they say, the picture shows Helen Thomas asking a question of Obama at his first press conference – more after the jump:

Helen Thomas has been a presidential reporter for almost 50 years and became a mainstay of the front row during presidential press conferences, where she would often be called upon to ask the first question. This came to an end during Bush 43’s term when she was moved to the back row, seemingly for publicly criticizing Bush and Cheney.

As Christine points out in her comment, it was  perhaps an attempt to symbolize change in policy when, for Obama’s first press conference, Thomas was bought back into the front row and was called upon to ask the first question. Sadly for Obama, Thomas took her opportunity to aggressively probe his views on the Middle East with tough questions and follow-ups. Although she still occupies the front row, she has not been called upon in subsequent press conferences.

She did attempt to make herself heard at last week’s press conferences with a great comment regarding the torture photos, which Dan mentions in his comment.


  1. I found this video of Helen commenting on Obama’s first press conference:



    Poor Helen Thomas. Really.

  4. Good videos. Strange that O’Reilly had to grossly misrepresent her question in order to make fun of her though.

  5. I agree. His version of her question or his interpretation of her question did not resemble her actual question in the slightest. It’s unfortunate that political humor is often a result of misrepresentation.

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