Posted by: danfusco | July 2, 2009

Controlling the press?

CBS White House Correspondent Chip Reid, and Helen Thomas question White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs about the town hall meeting regarding healthcare. Very relevant to what we have been discussing in class.



  1. Very good…I was hoping someone would pick up on this, it’s very relevant.

    Is anyone able to provide some more context as to what their complaints were?


  3. Aren’t the “town hall” presidential debates conducted in a very similar manner, though? The public submits questions for consideration and certain ones are selected by administrative folk to be asked of the candidates. I understand the journalists’ concerns because the format seems controlled, but it’s nothing new…

  4. I’m assuming what was a concern to them was that the “town hall” is supposed to be a public forum, yet they chose who could actually attend and where it was held in addition to picking only certain questions that were submitted.. unless I’m misinterpreting

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