Posted by: jennajournalism | July 2, 2009

William Jennings Bryan Editorial

Bryan was a popular speaker in his day, and he represented the common man’s interests – so why was the NY Tribune so glad he failed in his run for president? Were his monetary policies, most crucial during the 1896 election, really that awful – seeming to “repeal moral law,” “garble the Constitution,” and “replace the Stars and Stripes with the red rag of anarchy”?

What is so telling about this particular editorial in the late 19th century period of American journalism?



  1. The editorial is an example of the lack of objectivity and sensationalism that characterized the era during presidential elections. The main issues were monetary policies and how they would affect a country already in economic difficulties.

  2. I agree, this editorial lacks substance and evidence to back up the author’s claim. It solely consists of ad hominems. It is also ironic how the New York Times decries Bryan as an “unGodly” anti-Christ given the fact that he was a devout Presbyterian.

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