Posted by: davidrcollier | July 4, 2009

Media ‘Experiment’: TV vs. Newspapers

HuffPo blogger reports on a social ‘experiment‘: three weeks watching solely television news in order to assess the “world of the future, a world without reading newspapers”:

Palin versus Letterman became a huge story, dominating the news/talk show scene for several days. Pundits on both sides of the political fence voiced serious opinions about Letterman’s joke. Palin did more for Letterman’s ratings than he could have ever done for himself. The night of his extended apology attracted 700,000 more viewers than his new competition, Conan O’Brien. Letterman gave Palin what she craved, more media attention than she’s had since the election.

In non-Peabody Award investigative style, Anderson Cooper on CNN did a segment on what Michael’s chimp, Bubbles, is doing now. The chimp, to its credit, was one of the only associates of Michael who didn’t have anything to say.

By the end of last week, Fox News posed the question, “Is there too much media coverage about Michael Jackson?” by further covering themselves covering Michael Jackson. Nothing invigorates a career like an untimely death – just ask Elvis or Marilyn Monroe or James Dean or Van Gogh.

And then back to newspapers to conclude on his experiment:

There were other stories on the front page: The war is still going on in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan is ramping up, Iran is still in turmoil, unemployment rates continued to climb and it looks like national healthcare reform is the next big political debate.

What did I learn from my 3 week media experiment? It’s easier to zone out in front of a glowing rectangle than engage in reading. Reading requires more of us than watching. In going on a diet of more television and internet coverage, I got a lot less nutrition and a lot more fat.



  1. Here’s the discussion from CNN concerning about exactly the question above “is there too much media coverage about Michael Jackson?”.
    Embedded video from CNN Video
    in the case of the coverage of Michael Jackson’s death recently,the media was just focusing much more on things which don’t really matter to MJ’s primary identity as a “King of Pop”,like his fantastic music and the styles that he had inspired people with over generations, but rather,too much on the “fat” that deprived from the coverage of his scandal,his wealth & will,or even his ranch.

  2. here is the original link to the video.

  3. this is the original link by CNN video of what I was talking about in the previous comment.

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