Posted by: Laura | July 6, 2009

Media ownership: To what degree is the decline of traditional media a fault of its own business model?

In terms of media ownership and the development of alternative media, I wonder if the decline of the news industry is in any part a reaction by the public to the consolidation of ownership.

Unlike Bill O’Reilly, I think most young people I know do stay on top of the news through relatively hard news sources, but these sources are perhaps more varied than in generations before.

There are an enormous amount of new ways to get news, be it podcasts, blogs or whatever, and I do think there is a frustration among youth that traditional news outlets are more of a reflection of the interests of their parent company and advertisers than they are an objective public service.

One of the biggest roles of the press is a watchdog – giving the public the information free of a filter through government or special interests groups.

Considering the popularity of shows like the Daily Show or the Colbert Report that criticize the media and call them out on bias to a degree, I don’t think it’s completely out of the realm of possibility that the public is disappointed in the the lack of diversity in traditional news.

I’m not saying the decline is specifically a reaction to consolidation of media, because in all likelihood it’s more closely linked to a question of cost and convenience, but I guess I’m just hopeful that it’s not an accident.


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