Posted by: jeanmurin | July 6, 2009

Michelle Obama Loves J. Crew

On Wednesday, we discussed the seven ways the media aids democracy. I think the media does a fantastic job carrying out a few of the seven mentioned functions, such as providing information to the public it would otherwise be unable to find or understand. However, during our discussion of mobilization, which is the idea that media creates advocates, gets people interested in issues and the community, mobilizes them to take actions, and also places a bias on which issues get promoted or ignored, I couldn’t help but think back to how I was mobilized during the 2008 Presidential election.

I consider myself a fairly politically savvy individual, but when I think back to Presidential campaign coverage, I tend to recall more about the candidates’ fashion than their platforms. I suspect this is related to the idea that more people tend to recall and enjoy soft news as opposed to hard news, but I also feel like the media did a poor job of mobilizing myself and the American people about platforms, issues and the election in general.

If an individual tried hard enough, they certainly could have found information regarding President Obama and McCain’s stance on issues such as healthcare and the economy…but shouldn’t these topics be presented on mainstream news networks as often if not more than Michelle Obama’s wardrobe? Honestly, the televised Presidential debates are one of the only times the American people can hear a candidate speak directly and uninterrupted about their plans to change the country. The media has a responsibility to mobilize the public about issues of real importance!

Despite the above thoughts, I can’t lie and say I don’t enjoy knowing when a fellow J. Crew-aholic is donning the latest trends: 


















  1. Between the first dog and the First Lady’s fashion sense… soft news on the Presidential family, especially in the first 100 days of Obama’s administration, took a huge portion of the press coverage.
    I have two portuguese water dogs, so my family was pretty excited about the Bo coverage, and the economic news was getting increasingly depressing… so the soft news was refreshing, but maybe it got a little out of control.
    I can’t tell you how many lifestyle magazines articles I’ve seen on exercise routines: how-to-get-Michelle-Obama’s-arms.

  2. I agree with jeanmurin that audiences tend to favor soft news a lot. One of the reasons i consider would be that after all political scandals such as corruption,beyond-marriage affairs came out today in media,people who care about elections may have developed curiosity about the personal life of politicians in order to get a full picture of how they are doing.

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