Posted by: wanqingluo | July 6, 2009

Reflections on one of the in class Bill O’Reilly’s videos

Last Wednesday we watched a video in class held by Bill O’Reilly in which he, sounding really disappointed, stressed a great deal about a considerable lack of knowledge today’s younger American generations (aged 18 to 25) have in common by surveying them, touching slightly of the country’s biggest issues, such as accuracy of geographic locations of Iraq, Iran on a world map.

In class, some of us have already mentioned that Bill O’Reilly may have missed to mention what’s more important in the show. And I agree to it.
From my point of view, in contrast to basic geographic realization of certain places, the more difficult to obtain serves the priority over the less one. The reason is almost obvious, with worldwide access to the Internet and searching engines like “Google”, the problem of not knowing where Iraq or Afghanistan is immediately melts away without having to worry about the truth of the answer. However, considering when our generation grows up, and if without having been told about or given access to impartial truth about the wars, the cost would be much greater than the previous, simply because the best time of learning the fact would have faded away as time goes by.
And now also comes the responsibility of the media of our time, as a lot of people are complaining it since people feel constrained or even misled by looking at what the media are saying. The fact behind the complaints is popularly considered to be that the media is not fully delivering their primary function known as informing its people as an independent watchdog. But rather, their are too much burdens imposed by the government in favor of certain interests which are “acting against” the rules of freedom of speech.
Our parents or may be also our grandparents are currently the main recipients of the “hard” news which really weigh more important than soft news.  It’s going to cause real disappointment by the time today’s younger generations grown old enough but failed to explain to our future generations about the real truth.
So, back to the Bill O’Reilly’s video, I would high suggest that the media try harder to give impartial, unbiased reports.



  1. I also agree that in the video we watched wednesday Bill O’Reilly missed the point. He complained about how 18-24 year olds didn’t have certain knowledge, and argued that it was hollywood’s fault. I think the problem is the fact that education is not up to scratch.

    I don’t doubt that O’Reilly knows this, but he chose to use the facts to persue his own agenda. This, for me, is particularly dangerous and sadly prevalent, and not just on Fox News (or Faux News as some like to call it). I’m sure you could find this sort of reporting on every “news show” from Bill O’Reilly, to Olbermann, to Chris Matthews. It is another example of how the media interprets the news and presents a specific point of view.

    Wanqingluo is right, twisting facts about wars, the economy and politics is making it harder for people to educate themselves.

    It seems like today, the media is trying to do too much, it’s trying to report the news AND entertain us. This does not seem a sustainable scenario to me. I don’t read an encyclopedia for fun, I read it for information. The problem with this is that not many people buy encyclopedias.

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