Posted by: hillary210 | July 6, 2009

Sarah vs. Hillary – media criticism


I think Peter Daou form Huffington has a point in being somewhat sympathetic toward Sarah. As Daou reminds us, Sarah did not have the time Hillary did to build the think skin needed to tolerate the spotlight. He also reminds us that she is (for the most part) like the most of us: vulnerable, self-centered and opinionated. He also brilliantly encourages us to keep Sarah’s public/private distinction in mind – something I think should have happened from the start. Maybe she wouldn’t have been criticized so sharply if personal matters were left out of the spotlight. This brings us back to the soft vs. hard news debate. Is it the media’s fault for delving into her personal life and trying to produce its own headlines for mere viewership? As much as Sarah did prove she was not fit to run this country (IE Kate Couric interview), I also think she was a victim of the soft news press.



  1. I definitely agree with this statement. I think this is just another case where Americans have become more interested in soft news than hard news. Before that Katie Couric interview even occurred she was given a really poor reputation, even stereotyped with her accent, being from Alaska, etc. I do agree that that interview showed how unqualified she was, but I think the majority had already formed an opinion beforehand.

    This is an article from Politico that definitely illustrates the liberal view of Sarah Palin and her resignation..

  2. Just realized I posted the wrong link; here it is..

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