Posted by: jbunn | July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson news – current events

I think it will be a while till we stop hearing about Michael Jackson. The latest article I read (in the Metro newspaper) was criticizing entertainers for taking advantage of MJs memorial service as a chance to plug their own interests. Specifically, it criticized Mariah Carey for raising her arm while singing and one of the athletes for plugging Kentucky Fried Chicken 5 times. It also argued that artists such as Usher and Jennifer Hudson used the opportunity to pose and smile on the red carpet. I watched the service on one of the re-runs on E!.  While I did not here either athletes talk, I did see the Mariah Carey  performance. While I personally did not enjoy her performing style (conducting herself while singing), I think she was just trying to do the MJ song, “Ill Be There,” justice. Q: would it have been better for her to stand perfectly still and sing? Or would it have been better had she not sang at all?

While the service may have been over the top, if there is going to be a full performance for his memory, I would hope that the participants would perform to their fullest ability. Anything less would seem disrespectful. As for their smiling photo-ops on the red carpet. That’s what celebrities are supposed to do when cameras are flashing. Usher and J-Hud may have been smiling on the carpet, but both sang with deep emotion when performing at the service. Usher even got choked up while singing. One things for sure, even though his life and memorial service may be over, people will continue to discuss MJ and his legacy for a long time to come now.

The debate over his daughter, Paris, speaking at the memorial has also been discussed thoroughly. Prior to the memorial, MJ did not allow his kids in public without masks or blankets  their identities. By allowing Paris to be viewed by the public and speak, does that make MJ seem more human (and less weird) because he can be viewed as a father figure? So many questions and things to talk about. I predict that it will be at least 2 weeks till the news on MJ really slows down.


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