Posted by: davidrcollier | July 10, 2009

Even real pictures can be deceiving

Funny stuff.



  1. I found an article on explaining the controversy that went along with the original photo. A couple things struck me about the story and the photo itself. It seems a little childish of those who made up captions to go along with the misleading photo and pretty much unnecessary. I can understand that it’s kind of a “haha” moment and could be entertaining to see Obama seemingly misbehave in this way but beyond that it is blatantly taking something out of context and trying to make a story out of it. More than anything, this highlights how easy it is for the media to take an image or a sound clip of a politician and make it into something much bigger than it actually is. One would hope that viewers would not come away from this picture with a different estimation of Obama’s character but if they do, it is unfortunate that it would be caused by a poorly timed (or well timed–depending on how you want to think about it) photo. I would consider this story soft news so I thought it was interesting to find it on a watchdog website as I had assumed they would focus primarily on hard news.


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