Posted by: jbunn | July 10, 2009

Palin in 2012?

I’ve started picking up the Metro news on my daily commute. Today I saw an article by CNN reporter Tom Foreman about Sarah Palin comparing her to Obama. The article claimed that while “east coast politicos” may have found her resignation an awful move for her political career, the rest of the country approves of her political moves. He said that her move made him believe that she was “conked in the head by a rogue moose, or stumbled into a patch of unripe salmonberries, or she had some secret hidden on the Appalachian Trail”. The comparison to Obama was made in his race against Hillary. The reporter claimed that Obama’s position against the Iraq war were politically unconventional and that he was essentially commiting “political suicide”. The article seemed to imply that if Palin were to run for president in 2012 she may have a good chance.

We talked about this a lot in class. 4 years is a long time to change public opinion. Especially if the rest of the country finds her moves “not only reasonable, but even praiseworthy.” Of course, none of this matters if she has no ambitions to run for president.

Article can be found online at:

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