Posted by: hillary210 | July 11, 2009

Bill O’Reilly Vs. Michael Jackson

Recently Bill O’Reilly has been receiving backlash for criticizing the media and the public’s recent extolment of Michael Jackson following his death. Needless to say, this comes as no surprise. In relation to the media, Bill notes, “This illustrates just how crazy USA is becoming. A cowardly media will exploit anything for ratings.” O’Reilly criticizes the heavy media attention to Jackson’s death (yet FOX news has been reporting it….) and asks America, don’t you remember he was a pedophile?

Jason Streichman of the noted: “If and when Fidel Castro goes, there will be huge media coverage.  I can’t think of too many fans of Fidel in this country, but it will be big news for awhile, again assuming it will ever happen. ”

This also reminds me of the Anna Nicole Smith situation – I wouldn’t say the American public was the biggest fan of her personal life (similarly to Jackson) yet we mourned when she died and provided 24-7 news coverage of her death and scandals surrounding it. 

I agree with Steichman, I think no matter the (alleged or proved) wrongdoings or mishaps of these people’s pasts, the media will still give major attention to their deaths. Rightfully deserved coverage? Maybe, maybe not. For increased viewership? Maybe, maybe not. 

Streichman continues: “So, in summation – Bill, let Michael Jackson have his spotlight, let go of the stigma.  You know as well as I do back in 1983 you were waiting to watch the Thriller video like everyone else in this country.”



  1. If Bill O’Reilly is really the voice of conservative Republics, then I strongly believe that is very hypocritcal, unrealible, and misguided voice indeed. Granted, he is fully entitled to express his opinions. But these broad generalizations and ill-informed accusations leave a bad taste. One only needs to consult history to know that artists are generally more well-known and remembered after their deaths (i.e. van Gogh, Emily Dickenson). This doesn’t necessarily make them “hereos”, but they are greatly missed as a result. Secondly, did O’Reilly not fact check that Jackson was diagnosed with the skin conditions Vitiligo and Lupus before he assumed that Jackson had cosmetically bleached his skin? Also, Mr. O’Reilly I was not aware that you were a licensed mortician, but thank you for your beautifully ignorant assumptions. Sorry, Bill but no cigar.

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