Posted by: posey | July 12, 2009

Obsession with Gossip and Gore

In the reading from the Reader (chapter 7) they made a good point, which we have touched in class, that U.S. media is obsessed with with gore and gossip. The vast majority of people know more about celebrity gossip and gory news than what’s passed in congress and what the president agrees on and what he is against. “Cable networks often dedicate the majority of their 24 hrs a day of news to murder trails and celebrity gossip…reality shows sometimes crowd out reporting on the environment, foreign affairs, and other serious topics.” I agree with this statement from the book because in one of my other political science classes I had to go up to 10 random people from my school and ask them 10 basic questions about the government, such as whose the president, whose the vice president, and so on and maybe 2 out of the 10 people got 90% or 100% on the questions. Others got 30%-40% correct. And right after asking them the government questions, we started a conversation about what is going on with the celebrities and what ‘s in fashion and of course majority of the people knew exactly what the latest celebrity gossip was and what was in fashion (well at least the girls did with the fashion part). And when we got to class we talked about our findings, the majority of the people who knew what was going in the political world were Political Science majors/minors or International Studies majors/minors.


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