Posted by: jennajournalism | July 12, 2009

MA Healthcare a Sign of What Could Come Nationally?

Interesting post on the Newsbusters blog Sunday – the author picked up on a Wall Street Journal editorial suggesting Massachusetts’ failures with a state-run healthcare system are not widely known because that news would inhibit Obama’s plan for a federally-run healthcare system.

Good point – I bet the MA  failures (exploding costs, consumers manipulating system) are not well known in other states. It might benefit the public to know more about what happened here to better form an opinion about national healthcare. However, does this mean journalists are failing us? What is driving the media NOT to place the MA healthcare system side by side with the national healthcare plan? Maybe the two plans can’t be compared because they are based on very different principles and are applied over very different areas…

Nevertheless, it might be interesting for more people to know about the MA state-run healthcare system and that could easily be done in our media outlets. I hope media critics respond as to why the two plans are rarely, if ever, juxtaposed in coverage of  healthcare reform.


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