Posted by: hillary210 | July 12, 2009

Media trend: More time on fewer stories

About half way into this video, CNN reporters make an interesting point: it seems the media spends much more time on fewer stories EVEN with 24-hour cable and internet news and a variety of outlets/sources to choose from. Take, for instance, the past few weeks. Our President has visited Russia, the Vatican, and Africa – yet we see more coverage on the death of MJ. Senator Ensign admitted to adultery and paid his mistress’ family off, yet there was barely any news about that. The only thing that appeared to shine through the MJ death was Palin’s resignation. Is it fair that the current trend in media is to spend more time on fewer stories? Especially when (a classmate pointed out in “pay no attention to the glove”)  news show ratings prove people are watching the coverage? I suppose people who normally keep themselves informed though reliable media would come across information on  Obama’s travels, Cheney’s CIA coverup, etc. But what about the (I’m assuming) majority of people who rely on network or soft news outlets? They must be under the impression that the only thing that has happened in the past two weeks is that MJ died and Palin resigned. 

I cant help but worry that since people are not asking for a variety of coverage or do not actively seek it (because it is out there!) people will become less and less informed on important matters.


DISCLAIMER: im having trouble attaching the video so here is the URL:


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