Posted by: jennajournalism | July 12, 2009

Pay No Attention to the Media Behind the Curtain

I really liked reading this article. During elections, the media often obsess over trivial things like a candidate’s clothing or past group associations. That doesn’t mean, however, that those “news items” actually matter to voters when choosing a candidate. Those things are just more tangible, easier to discuss, and easier to digest than a serious interpretation and discussion of candidates’ conflicting policies.

I especially liked the paragraph pointing out an irony between the media and Obama – doesn’t it seem odd that the media would criticize Obama for for focusing too much on policy and not enough on “flag pins, the patriotism of his former pastor, and subversive activities commited 40 years ago by a guy he sort of knows”? Obama’s behavior during the debates was telling of his behavior as president. Interestingly enough, former secretary of state Colin Powell recently cautioned Obama for tackling too many big policy issues. Do you think Obama is taking on too much too soon? Why or why not?


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