Posted by: posey | July 13, 2009

How the media can turn the First Lady into a Fashion Icon

Today we went back to Michelle Obama and what she wears and how to get her arms, but she definitely is not the first First Lady to become a “fashion icon.” I must say, in my opinion she has better fashion sense than Hilary Clinton did when she was the first lady. But I think the First Lady who had the best fashion was Jackie Kennedy.

She wore the big sunglasses and classic (timeless) dresses. Also her hair was always well done and her makeup was perfect for each appearance. And still to this day she is a fashion idol. Some people dress up as her on Halloween, like they do Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Jackie O was made into a wax figure in the DC Wax Museum, so I think people have been fascinated with what the First Lady has been wearing for generations now. But Jackie is definitely the only First Lady to be a wax figure in a museum because of her own sense of style.

Another little fact about Jackie, she was high school friends with Lilly Pulitzer and when Lilly started to design her colorful and amazing printed dresses and skirts, Jackie wore them and people started buying and wanting Lilly dresses. So not only did Jackie look wonderful in Lilly clothing, Lilly Pulitzer benefited from Jackie’s fashion icon status.

So by saying that, people have been interested in the First Lady fashion for a while now, and I do not see that changing in the future. And I am personally interested in fashion, so that is probably why I pay more attention to details about fashion.

Jackie Kennedy (Wax Figure)

Jackie Kennedy (Wax Figure)



  1. Just to clarify – we didn’t actually talk about HOW to get Michelle Obama’s arms…just that it had been a story. Don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that this class is anything but serious poli sci business, haha.

    And you mention Lily Pulitzer, the wife of the grandson of Joseph Pulitzer of course. Everything ties in eventually!

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