Posted by: wanqingluo | July 13, 2009

In An Age of Narrowcasting.

Narrowcasting of the Media

Narrowcasting of the Media

In class, we were discussing about the trend following the emergence of cable television is that “Broadcasting” transforms into “Narrowcasting”, appealing more specific audience as opposed to general audience.

There is something that I would like to elaborate this claim.

Consider, when the media generally enter an era, which is called “Narrowcasting” as opposed to “Broadcasting”, there are more things to worry about for the FCC–not only the undergoing lack of diversity in this industry, but also, very likely, decrease of audiences as well.

To prevent the above from happending, I think it would be beneficial, if there is a chance that the media can try switching their focus from attracting to viewers to elaborating their news contents. The people who work for the media industry, need to care more and more about the details as if they were looking through their news through magnifying glasses.

In other words, when you can not avoid a trend, take fully out of the trend instead.


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