Posted by: eratigan | July 13, 2009

Washington Post’s misguided salon/fundraiser

I was going to make a salon pun about Enlightenment, hairdos and journalistic don’ts. . . .

Here’s a few links to different stories and blog posts about the Washington Post‘s aborted effort to host a series of pay-per-plate, off-the-record dinners between politicians, journalists and other influencial members of the D.C. political scene:

Background on the incident from the Poynter Institute, an industry website for journalists

The New York Times, a longtime WaPo rival, gloats

WaPo‘s ombudsman speaks out

Some (more) criticism, plus lumping the Post‘s publisher and Sarah Palin in the same boat



  1. Never be ashamed of making a good pun. Palin-drome was great.

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