Posted by: jbunn | July 14, 2009

CIA plan – media bias

I’ve noticed the CIA Al Qaeda plan getting a lot of coverage in the news recently. When comparing the Washington Post headlines to those on the Fox news website, WaPo seemed to focus on the secrecy while Fox news focused on the authorization congress gave the CIA.


CIA Had Program to Kill Al-Qaeda Leaders

Agency Didn’t Tell Congress About Bush-Era Plan to Use Assassins

Fox News:

Congress Authorized CIA to Develop Secret Al Qaeda Plan, Former Official Says

A secret CIA program to capture or kill Al Qaeda operatives never came close to being operational, an official says.

While the liberal paper highlighted the secrecy of the plan and use of assassins, the conservative news source highlights the plan itself, saying that the plan was facing criticism because some people were “kept in the dark”. It seems that the liberal view of this is that the Bush Administration, and specifically Dick Cheney, carried out and pursued aggressive or unethical actions by ordering these types of programs. The Conservative viewpoint is that these types of programs are okay when necessary to fight the war on terror.

Other news coverage includes:

Newsbusters: reporting that “ABC Relays Concerns National Security Threatened by Dem Attacks on CIA

Huffingtonpost: decides to report on the story by talking to Cheney’s daughter, Liz. Their headlines read: “Liz Cheney Refuses to Discuss Father’s Role in Secret CIA Program (video)

Liz stood by her father’s decision during an MSNBC interview. She also said, “This is a classified program and he doesn’t talk about classified programs.” Here is the movie (hopefully this works)

Click to see the video.

Andrew Sullivan comments on “What the CIA was up to” on his blog:

And as of today, Huffington post and MSNBC have begun reporting on the investigations on the CIA program:


  1. so posting the video didn’t really work but its no the huffingtonpost website with the article. sorry for the weird spaces by the headlines. didn’t know that would happen.

  2. Good post – this will tie in to part of what we will be talking about tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, the free version of wordpress seems to have issues with embedding videos…only youtube ones seem to work so instead I’ve just put the link to the video.

    Also, the links weren’t actually linked so I fixed that for you. In future, highlight what you want to be a link and click the picture of the chain to paste the link address so your post is clickable.

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