Posted by: eratigan | July 14, 2009


As continuation of our discussion today on the existence of bias in the Sarah Palin coverage or any sort of syndromes, I just wanted to share few more examples of what journalists are saying of her resignation.

There was a piece in the New York Times about the leadup to Palin’s resignation, which I thought pretty interesting. In contrast to the Vanity Fair article by Todd S. Purdum we discussed in class today, this article’s two authors and three additional reporters used no anonymous sources. (A relevant palindrome if we were to believe Purdum’s article: “Dogma? I am God.” )

An op-ed piece (written by a columnist, but sort of tying in to our discussion on journalist’s personal politics) in the Boston Globe on Friday showed a bit of sympathy for Palin. It also raised a few good points about her bid for the vice presidency:

“Yet, I delighted in the fact that because of Palin, conservatives lashed out against ‘sexism,’ the religious right described teen pregnancy as a ‘challenge,’ and it became politically incorrect for the most reactionary Republican to criticize working mothers.”



  1. Time’s recent piece of Palin also seemed very complimentary:

    “Whether that is true or not, Palin’s unconventional step speaks to an ingrained frontier skepticism of authority — even one’s own. Given the plunging credibility of institutions and élites, that’s a mood that fits the Palin brand…If ever there has been a time to gamble on a flimsy résumé, ever a time for the ultimate outsider, this might be it.”

    “Cut loose from her obligations to her huge and awesome homeland, her message remains quintessentially Alaskan. Where she comes from — the last American frontier — the past is irrelevant, the rules are suspended, and limitations are for losers.”,8599,1909442,00.html

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