Posted by: wanqingluo | July 14, 2009

Sotomajor responds to “wise Latina” controversy


Here’s link on what we’ve mentioned about in our last class regarding Sotomayor’s feedback on a comment in 2001–“wise Latina” judge would usually reach better conclusions than a white man.

and also the video link of this:



  1. I thought that the coverage of this on tv was really interesting. Race is clearly still a very challenging issue and I think that everybody was trying be very delicate about talking about it from Sotomayor, to the Senators questioning her to the coverage of the hearings itself.

    I was watching Cambell Brown on CNN this evening (sorry, I couldn’t find a clip) and she brought in four different pundits at once including representatives of both ends of the political spectrum, a white man, a latina woman, and a legal analyst. The pundits themselves also avoided making any inflammatory remarks.

    It was interesting to me because everybody involved in the conversation were very careful to remain unbiased, which is particularly unusual for the partisan members of the panel.

    Race is a very touchy subject in America, even without the political firestorm surrounding Sonya Sotomayor’s comments. But the subject did show that the media can present unbiased commentary, they just need to make the effort.

    They brought together four significantly – almost diametrically – opposing viewpoints on the subject in order to provide their viewers with all the information possible to make their own informed decision.

    While this is absolutely commendable in itself, it does raise the question why they can’t do that all the time

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