Posted by: posey | July 15, 2009

Image Analyzing-McCain v. Obama

Today at the end of class, we were looking at pictures that the media released to portray a certain image of a situation and/or person. Newspapers, news channels, magazines manipulate images all the time to get their opinion across. It is more subtle and clever way to show who they support and who they are against. 

The people who design the covers take a lot of time to come up with the layout. The images to the colors they choose to use, will produce a certain look. I found a Fortune cover with McCain and Obama. The magazine was the same edition, the covers were just different. The edition was about “How I’ll Fix The Economy.” Fortune magazine did not change the layout of the cover or font sizes or anything, they just changed the picture of the candidate. 

Fortune magazine picked a picture where Obama was smiling and looking as if he had a nonchalant attitude about the economy. His arms were crossed and his hand was flicked up, showing a “so what attitude” which is not the attitude one should have when they were talking about the economy situation the States were in.  On the other hand, they chose a picture of McCain looking like he was contemplating but still had a tiny smile, as if there was still hope in his thoughts about the future of the economy. Also even though, McCain is older than Obama, they made McCain look youthful (they softened his face) & the lighting of the picture was better. And with Obama, they did not soften his face, which made his look older than he is and all the grin marks and bags under his eyes were very pronounced in these particular picture. So analyzing the two pictures, it seems Fortune magazine was in favor of McCain. 

.  ObamaMcCain


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