Posted by: Karina of the Fallen Stars | July 16, 2009

Clinton Now (Suprisingly) Supports Same-Sex Marriage

In his first Presidential first term he helped usher in “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, a policy maintaining that a member of the U.S. military shall not disclose his or her non-heterosexual orientation on the consequences of being discharged from service. In 1996, he approved the  Defense of Marriage Act, which states that same-sex marriages will not be recognized on a federal level and that states are allowed to pass legislature to invalidate such unions. During his wife’s campaign for the Democratic ballot in 2008, he further stood by DOMA while Hilary supported LGBT rights. And now? Well, while speaking at the Campus Progress National Conference in Washington, DC Bill Clinton stated that he “basically supports” same-sex marriage. Quite a contrasting change. Apparently Clinton’s views on the issue were “evolving”.

(Liberal Bias Warning)

Many supporters of same-sex marriage see this as a sign of progressive hope and a win-over to their views. I disagree. Clinton was quoted as saying “I personally support people doing what they want to do. I think it’s wrong for someone to stop someone else from doing that.” Apparently “that” was followed by “(same-sex marriage)”, which isn’t saying much given the ambiguity of this quote. Given the fact that Clinton made campaign promises of equality to the LGBT community during his 1992 run and fell short by miles of those promises by supporting both DOMA and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, he should not be let off the hook so easily. Both of these policies soiled, if not ruined what the post-Stonewall generation had strived so hard to accomplish namely; equality. Maybe Clinton is not entirely to blame, but as president he does contribute extensively to the passage of such acts. Hence, changing his position now seems as if he is ready to walk away without owning up to his mistakes. What about the thousands, millions of same sex couples that could have publicly proclaimed their love for each other had they not been denied under DOMA? Or what about the dreams and aspirations of the 3-4 Americans that are discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” every single day? Are we to simply forget about their strife just because Clinton comes out and says that he changed his mind? From my perspective, I think not.



  1. While I totally see your point, I have to say that I see this as a sign of progressive hope and wish I could give Bill a pat on the back. Maybe this is Clinton owning up to his mistakes, in a way? Isn’t it better for him to say something supportive rather than nothing at all? I don’t think he is asking everyone to forget about their strife, rather, he is acknowledging it. You say his quote is ambiguous, but I would say he has come quite a long way for a former Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and DOMA supporter to come out and say he or she supports people doing what they want to do – whatever that may be.
    Hopefully we will hear more supportive things in the future from him. Maybe this is just the beginning of a new Clinton LGBT rights campaign?

  2. To be honest with you, I think this is politics as usual. First of all, former President Clinton is not running for any office so this controversial view is not going to hurt him as well as his wife is not running for office as well. Its a very convenient time for this view to be revealed. Maybe too convenient? I don’t know if he always believed in these rights (or if he sincerely believes in them at all) however, Clinton is a mastermind when it comes to politics and I am afraid it is just that.

  3. I think you have a good point basically about where was all this when he was president. Is it all too little too late? That being said, it’s better late than never. I would be curious to know if this effects Hillary’s career in any way? I think it is totally fine for politicians to change their views on issues because as we grow, we learn more, and sometime our views change. That’s life. “President Barack Obama said over the weekend that he would like to tackle the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy “sooner rather than later.” according to maybe we will hear more about this issue in the near future?

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