Posted by: danfusco | July 16, 2009

Discussion on Media Bias and Obama

Obama and the Media

I dislike Fox News as much as the next guy, but this discussion has a genuine feel to it along with speakers from both sides of the political compass. I have to say I agree with Juan Williams. The media bias favoring Obama is mostly due to the celebrity atmosphere he has brought to politics. As they said, both Bush and Clinton rarely received positive media coverage in their first 100 days. This could be due to the fact that the media has severely shifted to the left recently, but I doubt it. After 8 years of Bush, Cheney, and conservatism, the Republican party was suffering with no ideal standout candidate. Then Obama won the Iowa Caucus and the media seemed to swarm around a well spoken and down to earth man. As Williams said, this is not the job of the media. They are meant to be a watchdog for American Citizens, but at this point in time watching Obama buy hamburgers is receiving better ratings because of his rockstar-esque celebrity. It is becoming harder to find quality information on Obama’s actual policies, but during a very volatile period in American history it helps to have a suspicious eye behind the scenes and a well informed population.


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