Posted by: hillary210 | July 17, 2009

CNN Reporter’s contract not renewed

Susan Roesgen Chicago Tea PartyRemember laughing at this woman in class about how clearly biased she was? CNN has recently decided not to renew her ( Susan Roesgen’s) contract. When TVNewser asked whether Roesgen’s comments at the Chicago tea party rally had anything to do with her not being renewed, a CNN spokesperson said, “I can’t comment on personnel matters.”

Roesgen said the tea parties were “anti-government, anti-CNN [and] highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox.” Although CNN officials do not blame the her biased reporting at the Chicago tea party on the decision not to renew her contract, they do not cite an alternative reason. 

As you can recall, watching her report on the tax protests was rather obnoxious. It is relieving to know that CNN did not put up with that.




  1. I just saw this today and was going to make a similar post! It’s very interesting that they didn’t renew her contract and seemingly a good idea if you based her career on that one video with the Tea Party protestors. The public seems to agree with her firing, based on the number of youtube videos I found bashing her performance that day in Chicago.

    I wondered about the rest of Susan Roesgen’s career – if she’d been with CNN very long and what else she has covered. Seems like she’s been with CNN since 2005 (but was a TV reporter for at least a decade before that) and was brought on specifically because of her contributions to coverage of Hurricane Katrina. She’s covered a lot of big U.S. events – like the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, Minn. – and was the first national TV reporter to cover the tumultuous “Jena 6” episode in that Louisiana town.

    I wonder if she had a bad day with the protestors…or she’s fallen into similar behavior before.

  2. I’m glad someone followed up on this video! I couldn’t imagine a respectable network like CNN NOT firing her after that blatant example of liberal media bias.

    As amusing as it was, it’s never acceptable for a reporter to lose her cool and use such childish, bias questioning.

    Though not completely relevant, this hilarious video is another example of a reporter dealing with unruly individuals looking for their 15 minutes of fame:

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