Posted by: jbunn | July 19, 2009

Pay No Att. to the Media Behind the Curtain

I found this article very insightful. If accurately points out that ultimately, reporters choose what to report on. The fact that flag pins and “bitter” comments are highlighted more so than candidates stances on health care, the economy, and Iraq is really sad. It is very true that press controls what issues become issues when they choose which topics make the headlines.

I found this quite a problem when trying to find information about the candidates during the 2008 presidential election. As a politically uninformed person, I was interested in learning a little bit about each candidates stance on those issues among others. I was interested to know about their platforms, experience in those topics, their capabilities and inexperiences. Instead, all I could find was information about what they were wearing and how much they were spending on their clothes. I watched some of the debates, but did not follow all the information. Instead of helping me understand each of the candidates, the media frustrated me and made me want to read/watch the news even less. I found it ridiculous that it was so hard to find such basic information about the campaigns. I ended up getting more information from SNL and watching the original interviews SNL spoofed than anywhere else.

I think Waldman hit it on the head of the nail in describing just how influential the media is. They really are the ones behind the curtain, choosing when to raise the curtain, exposing certain issues and when to leave the curtain closed, keeping other issues in the dark. It’s sad that the media finds it so necessary to report on such trivial issues. Their argument that it is necessary is very weak to me. What does it matter is Obama was wearing a flag pin on one of his lapels? Is that really grounds for voting or not voting for him?


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