Posted by: Karina of the Fallen Stars | July 19, 2009

Some Thoughts on Bias in the Media

Before taking this particular class, the notion of there being one prevailing media bias never quite entered my mind. I was so used to watching CNN and reading the New York Timesthat I never seemed to notice their “liberal” slant. You call this liberal? I would call it objective and nothing out of the ordinary. The fact that those news sources may have a “liberal bias” perplexed me until I realized, aren’t we taught that bias is a negative thing? Wouldn’t that cause denial or rationalization if we came to the defense of reading something with a perceived bias? Also, I find it easier to recognize conservative bias as opposed to its left-wing contemporary. Could the reason for this be due to the fact that it is much easier to recognize something one is staunchly opposed to rather than something one avidly supports?

In Elite Cues & Media Bias, the argument is presented that there is more coverage of media bias than actual occurrence. I support this theory since all to often a conservative will angrily throw the verbal attack of “liberal bias” like a Frisbeeon a college quad. However, in the Chicago Tea Party protests, I could clearly identify the reporter’s bias. It was a profession faux pas on her part. It is never appropriate to badger people whom you are interviewing to provoke outrage. Not only do you look like the fool, but so does your network. Be careful, CNN. Let’s not try to take the Fox Effect to new extremes.

Interesting outlook here. I agree with the author in that most owners are conservative for the most part whereas journalists tend to be socially liberal and economically conservative.


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