Posted by: jbunn | July 19, 2009

war of worlds – simpsons style

Anyone see the Simpsons tonight? Their Treehouse of Horror XVII spoofs the war of worlds radio broadcast in the short “The Day the Earth Looked Stupid.” I tried to find it on youtube but couldn’t find it. It’s funny.



  1. The wikipedia page mentions the fact that the end of the episode was “supposed to end with Kang and Kodos making a direct reference to the War in Iraq as they observe the ruined remains of 1938 Springfield. While the FOX censors had no objections over the line, the producers and writers felt the reference was too obvious and had it cut to make the joke more subtle (though the leaked Internet version has the line that ended up being cut).” The article referenced can be found here.
    I watched the Simpsons a lot growing up and I always wondered how they got away with all the things they said. Half the time, they’re making fun of Fox in a very unsubtle way.

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