Posted by: Karina of the Fallen Stars | July 21, 2009

Checking Up on Obama

The latest average of five national poles shows that President Obama’s approval ratings have fallen from 62% at the beginning of June to 57% just a month later. Additionally, polls show a 36% disapproval rating. Should Democrats and Obama supporters be worried? Not quite, according this article. Comparisons with past Presidents six months after their inaugurations show that Obama is on par with Bush, higher than Clinton, but lower than Regan and Bush Senior. The reason for this decrease? Many claim that the economy and rising unemployment rates are the culprits. Speaking of political policy, have you seen the Obameter lately? is tracking each of Obama’s 510 promises and indicating if they are broken, kept, compromised, stalled, in the works, or no action with its Obameter. Details of each individual promise can be found there. Some bloggers and commenters say that that the media and its watchdogs are putting Obama under a microscope, scrutinizing to such a degree that did not occur with George Bush. I think it is precisely because of Bush’s plummeting  popularity in his second term that more pressure is being put on Obama to take administrative action. It’s the fact that no one wants “another Bush” that criticism and praise are being leveled on the president in generous amounts. In the media, I see people that either treat Obama as a god or as a fascist. Where are the moderates?

In any case, I would say that like, Politifact does not take a liberal or conservative stance. It displays conservatives such as Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh as well as liberals Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann in a less than positive light.  



  1. I can’t figure out whether to be stressed out about this or not. I thought that i was always known that candidates over-promise on the campaign trail. I think that it is good for the media to be on top of this. There kinda taking on the watchdog again. But I still think that they just go with the tide. People are worried so they are worried.

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