Posted by: davidrcollier | July 21, 2009

Glenn Greenwald on Cronkite and Torture

Glenn Greenwald is probably one of the best liberal commentators out there at the moment and has recently been posting on topics related to our class.

Here is his critique on the NPR ombudsman statement on the use of the word torture – he addresses many of the points you raised in class, as well as a few others.

Last week’s column addressed how current journalists are failing to live up to the standards set by Walter Cronkite, another very interesting read

Despite that, media stars will spend ample time flamboyantly commemorating Cronkite’s death as though he reflects well on what they do…  In fact, within Cronkite’s most important moments one finds the essence of journalism that today’s modern media stars not only fail to exhibit, but explicitly disclaim as their responsibility.


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