Posted by: evanmcarlson | July 21, 2009

Vanity Fair twists the knife

Vanity Fair does not like Sarah Palin. Following up the controversial piece we discussed in class last week, Vanity Fair took a transcript of Sarah Palin’s resignati0n speech and had their editorial and copy departments go over it and “whip it up into publishable shape.”

It’s not entirely clear to me whether it was supposed to be funny or if they were attempting to make a legitimate point about the quality of Sarah Palin as a potential presidential candidate without “high-priced beltway speechwriters.” Either way, I don’t know that they were successful.

They did, however, make quite clear that they have an opinion on Sarah Palin and are making no efforts to present an unbiased argument. I believe they do have some legitimate points, but I am undecided on whether they would have been more effectively made had they been presented under the veil of properly sourced, unbiased journalism.



  1. This is really absurd. I can’t imagine any legitimate news outlet dissecting other politicians’ speeches – adlib or not.

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