Posted by: Karina of the Fallen Stars | July 25, 2009

Campaigns & Catfights

The world of politics is dirty, filthy, plain grime and mud. I can’t say I disagree on Howard Kurtz’s “The Anger Factor”. On the contrary, I believe he makes some very interesting points. Both Obama and McCain agreed to keep the 2008 Presidential race a clean and progressive one. So why then, did each party attack the other (not unlike any other election in history) ? Is control of the campaign simply out of the candidate’s hands, as the candidate in question does not orchestrate every aspect of the campaign scheme? Perhaps psychology is at play. It seems reasonably to disparage an opponent’s character or stance in order to seem like a favorable contrast.

The media did a good job of perpetuating trivial remarks made against each party and canditate. Does Obama’s “lipstick” remark at Sarah Palin really have more significance than  Obama’s plan for the U.S. economy? There should be more anger over the fact that insults gain more attention than hard-hitting campaign issues (a.k.a. something that will acutally change the course of history). In short, “he said, she said” has no place outside of elementary school. Nonetheless, here is a light-hearted exchange between Obama and McCain:


  1. Candidates can say they want to keep an election clean, and that’s a noble commitment. But it becomes impossible, particularly with the media highlighting all kinds of trivial tid bits. If a candidate does not respond to a remark or claim made by his/her opponent, the media makes sure to state that or judge that. If the candidate does respond, the media also makes sure to state/judge that. The more and more claims a candidate makes, the more and more opportunities for the opponent to respond. It can become an endless call and response with no real policy discussion.

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