Posted by: posey | July 26, 2009


On wednesday we were talking about Nixon & Kennedy’s appearance on live television & how the people who watched TV thought Kennedy was going to win and how the people who listened to the radio thought Nixon was going to win, I think this example shows how important television is to a politician during elections. Nowadays people look to television more than they listen to the radio and majority  of the people remember appearances than words. 

I remember last year in my poli sci we were talking about Clinton and Obama, and I forget which debate/interview it was, but Obama looked calm and comfortable, like Kennedy did, while Clinton looking flustered, tired, and frustrated but they both talked very well, but their appearances were completely different. So even though Clinton talked very well, she looked defeated, which is not exactly the image one wants to portray during a campaign. Because television is so important nowadays, I think it is important for politicians to try to look their best all the time. It is like they “celebrity” status. I am not saying that  they should buy Gucci suits and Louis shoes (if they want to, of course they can), I am just saying because appearance is so important in this day in time, that they should maintain a certain upkeep. 

Last year in my poli sci, we were talking about Hilary Clinton’s appearance as a whole, and people were saying how she needed a new stylist and a new make artists. Because some of her outfits were out of date and unflattering & her makeup was too harsh. But a lot of people focus on the superficial side of politics and people noticed Clinton’s “out of fashion” style. 

So I think appearance is very important nowadays and politicians should look their best, because a lot of people pay attention is appearance and when its on the TV it is very crucial.


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