Posted by: jbunn | July 26, 2009

State and Local news coverage

In Mass Media & American politics chapter 10, Graber discusses state and local news characteristics, coverage, and quality. Graber makes points about how readers tend to prefer news that is about thier community; particularly local crime and news about the people. He also points out that the quality of local news coverage on politics has been going down hill.

While many of the most popular national news outlets have a lot of money and can afford the most advanced technology, many local news outlets are dying. In general, I find that local news tends to be less flashy than national news. They do not have to worry about appealing to a mass audience. Instead, they draw the interest of a small population by writing community pieces. Local news is accepted to be “slow breaking.”

Maybe the lack of competition to break the story first, and create the largest shock allows for local news outlets to cover stories in a more old-fashion way. They report the facts of the stories to the best of thier abilities as journalists. Are local news outlets better than national news outlets? What if local news outlets had resources comparable to national news outlets? I enjoy reading local news about places that I have connections to.

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