Posted by: Karina of the Fallen Stars | July 27, 2009

Is the Media Exploiting Erin Andrews?

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews recently fell victim to a voyeurism when someone cut a hole in the adjoining hotel room wall and filmed Andrews nude. The clip ended up spattered across Youtube (and the rest of the world wide web) when ABC demanded that it be removed. As if on cue, the media pounced on this story. Pixelated/black-banded photographs have now graced Fox News, CBS, New York Post, and many other media. But Reliable Sources refuses to sink that low:

Neither does ABC (being the parent network of coarse):

This is quite a contrast from Fox (permalinked above), which aired with the “red ribboned” censored photos along the top right-hand corner during the entire news segment after filling that corner with her biography (a subtle indication of her career being over). It’s sickening what happened, but even more disturbing is the fact that the media are sexually exploiting someone who has already been sexually exploited. Only ABC has made a decent (although belated) portrayal of someone who is going to fight back, not a “poor” victim. CBS is covering the story in bits and pieces with daily updates. Just type in “Erin Andrews” on their website search box and you will come out with 20 results. The Early Show actually aired a blurred version of the video. Essentially, the networks are selling sex at an all-time low. But hey, anything for ratings right?

Media Matters covered the story here.


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