Posted by: hillary210 | July 27, 2009

Sleeper Effect

An interesting theory I learned in a Media Bias class that applies to what we talked about in class today is the Sleeper Effect. This theory maintains that over time, we forget the source of a message and remember the message only. The people behind presidential ad campaigns especially exploit this theory. Although most ads say they are approved by a candidate or a political organization, these ads hinge upon the premonition that people will forget the source and only remember the message. For example, we remember hearing that John McCain does not know how to send an e-mail but we don’t remember where we heard it from. The Bush Sr and Dukakis crime ad wanted viewers to forget that the Bush campaign is putting out the video and only remember that Dukakis supports weekend jail passes and is lenient on crime, murder and rape, etc.



  1. I’d never heard of that term or theory but I think it’s a very interesting one that applies quite nicely to presidential ad campaign strategies. Thanks for sharing.

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