Posted by: kzahka | July 29, 2009

Free Diet Cokes For Everyone!

So, I know I had mentioned it in class before that there are two very differing opinions in my household. Well, today I drove home to eat dinner with my parents, and I am now sitting here watching “Hannity” with my Dad. Currently, they are talking about ways the government could cut spending, and one commentator goes on a huge rant about the White House staffers receiving unlimited free diet cokes, and how Obama should probably cut this perk to save money. He implies (for lack of a better word) that Obama created this policy, and cites this Washington Post article as his source.

Since we’ve been talking about bias in the media, and especially in regard to Fox News, I decided I’d look into this, because, quite honestly, it seemed a bit ridiculous. However, when I read the physical article, it asserts this claim to be true. The difference is.. it has been going on for over FOURTY YEARS– this was not a perk created by the Obama administration. Meanwhile, this commentator is making it seem as though Obama created this mess (funded by the U.S. Navy– which not only does the commentator fail to mention, but also makes absolutely no sense to me) and is almost bashing him for it. While I don’t exactly agree with this method of spending (although who doesn’t love diet coke?), I don’t think it’s fair to blame Obama for it. Had I not looked that up, however, I may have thought that to be true. Just another example how the media has the power to skew information.



  1. That is absurd. You just gave me a good laugh. I only wish I could find that clip, although I;m sure it will be available soon. You would think that a discussion about cutting spending would center around the War in Iraq, the War on Drugs, and health care. Yet, somehow Fox manages to bypass all those topics to talk about Diet Coke, and then they spin it to make Obama look bad. I’m sitting here hoping CNN or MSNBC has a segment on this defending Diet Coke spending. That would make my night.

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