Posted by: christinelsmith | July 29, 2009

Lucia Whalen’s 911 Call


Lucia Whalen, the caller who reported a possible burglary at the home of Henry Louis Gates, said that she was a concerned citizen who made the correct decision. She said that if she were placed in another similar situation she would do the same thing. She was not planning on speaking to the general public about what happened because of the amounts of internet and telephone harassment that she received. She was incorrectly portrayed as a racist, which she was extremely ashamed of. As a result, she felt that she needed to hold a press conference to set the record straight. The Cambridge Police Department and members of the media said that she had described the two men she saw forcing themselves into the home as black. However, this was completely fabricated and completely untrue. She wasn’t even the individual who wanted to report the possible burglary in the first place. She was assisting an elderly woman who felt that the Cambridge Police Department should be notified. I cannot believe that Lucia Whalen was made out to be a racist by the media and by the general public. If you listen to her 911 phone call, she handled the situation extremely well. There was absolutely nothing in her phone call that suggested racism. If anything, she took time out of her day to make an elderly woman feel comfortable and to ensure that no one’s home was broken into and robbed from. President Barack Obama is sitting down at the White House to have a beer with Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge Police Department’s James Crowley to make amends. What about Lucia Williams? Doesn’t she deserve something too?

Lucia Whalen’s 911 Phone Call:

Lucia Whalen’s Press Conference:


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