Posted by: danfusco | July 30, 2009

Glenn Beck calls Obama a racist.

I’m sure a few of you have seen this. Beck defends his comments by citing Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright as well as his handling of the Henry Louis Gates question. Even Fox has distanced themselves from these remarks saying they support free speech but the views of Glenn Beck are his and his alone. It really blows my mind that Fox didn’t take this more seriously and either suspend or fire Beck. It doesn’t make sense to have this, misinformed, extremist view on national television, but I’m sure people out there agree with these views and I know a significant number of people support Beck.



  1. As the ‘most trusted name in news’ mentioned last night, it’s funny how Beck goes from “he has a deep seated hatred of white people’ to “I’m not saying he hates white people” and then back to “he’s a racist”, all in the span of a few minutes. Truly bizarre.

    And when you have Brian ‘you should only marry among your own species’ Kilmeade, acting as the voice of reason, you’re on pretty shaky ground.

    But as you say, Glenn Beck has a mass following who will agree with his comments. In today’s media business model it is not in the financial interests of the company to censure such talk, whereas in the past, such comments would likely have resulting in firing.

  2. Truly bizarre explains the segment perfectly. Almost as odd as when Beck came out in lederhosen to compare Americorps to the Hitler youth.

    Obama recently fired the Inspector General of Americorps, which is basically a government run network of community organizations. This has led Beck to make claims that the Give Act indoctrinates children into community service through the government. Even O’Reilly thinks Beck is mildly insane for these comments, which leads me to believe Beck gets ratings based on craziness.

    It has made me think that his followers are probably a group of radicals that disagree with everything Obama does. Rather than look at each decision logically, Beck just opposes the Obama presidency outright. Quite a strange man that has somehow found his niche in the media.

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