Posted by: christinelsmith | July 30, 2009

Legislation to Ban Texting & Driving

The legislation to ban texting and driving has received a good amount of media coverage recently. I just thought it was applicable and relevant to our age group.


United States’ Senators are seeking a ban on texting and driving. States that do not ban texting and driving will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal highway funding under the legislation introduced by the United States’ Senate. Under the legislation, states would have two years to ban texting and driving. If they were not successful, they would lose 25 percent of their federal highway funding each year until their federal highway funding was completely gone. According to research, texting and driving is much more dangerous than talking on the phone and driving or drinking and driving. Also, truck drivers possess a 23 percent greater risk of getting into an accident if they are texting and driving than if they are not texting and driving. Both statistics are unbelievable (for what they are worth). If passed, I’m not sure that the legislation will be able to be implemented or that the legislation will be successful. However, it has become a problem within our society and it would definitely be a start to a solution.


  1. Everyone probably heard about this but: Earlier in May a MBTA conductor crashed the Green Line trolley while texting. 49 passengers were sent to the hospital including a pregnant woman who miscarried as a result and is now attempting to sue MBTA. I’m just relieved the government has recognized the dangers and is taking action.

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