Posted by: jennajournalism | July 31, 2009

Cash for Clunkers and other stuff

Did this news story seem to just explode overnight, or is it just me? I began my day reading a few headlines that alluded to the cash for clunkers program facing some financial difficulties, with funds seemingly gone. Every few hours my inbox was flooded with news updates on this story from Congress vowing to keep the program alive to the White House. Now the House has voted in favor of devoting $2 billion to the clunker program. Did media coverage of the program’s bankruptcy speed up political response in Washington?

I found interesting a quote from Republican Congressman Jerry Lewis of California, who suggested the measure was rushed through with little thought. He said the government was “shoveling another $2 billion out the door.” With all the other issues this country is facing in a recession, don’t the American people deserve a little more time and attention from our representatives on fund diversion?

On a side note, we talked in class about getting personal about candidates and how much we should know. People seemed to be in agreement about disclosing a candidate’s health. Well today, Democratic Senator Chris Dodd from CT announced that he had prostate cancer. I’d heard his re-election bid was shaping up to be one of the most difficult of his career – how will this factor into voters’ views?


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