Posted by: christinelsmith | July 31, 2009

Twitter & Iran


Twitter and Iran was informative and interesting. I have a Twitter account. However, I didn’t realize how popular and successful Twitter was, especially in terms of national and international news. The information that I received about the 2009 Iranian election and the aftermath of the Iranian election, although limited, was through the mainstream media. It was not from Twitter. The numbers and the statistics from the article were much higher than I expected. I follow a number of political figures, news reporters, and news channels and rarely encountered tweets discussing what was going on in Iran. However, according to the article, from June 6 to June 26, approximately 2,024,166 tweets about the Iranian elections were made. Approximately 480,000 Twitter users contributed to the discussion of the Iranian elections. This number was the result of 20 days. It appeared to me that more information about the Iranian elections was available through Twitter than it was through mainstream media. That’s unbelievable. In my mind, the research performed for Twitter and Iran demonstrates the increasing influence of online social-networking services as a communications media for national and international news. “New media” is continuing to increase not only in number, but in success.



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