Posted by: jbunn | August 2, 2009

Metro News stuff

After reading this past Thursday’s metro paper, I decided to write a post on the pros and cons of their paper, specifically referring to Thursday’s edition.

My first annoyance was found on the front page in the article, “What does their beer pick say about them?”. In the brief article about the “throw back” at the White House, three beer experts are quoted: a beer sommelier, a 15-year bartender, and a bartender. In reference to Gates’ choice of beer, the experts said, ” I can only speculate, I imagine he wanted to make a statement about a predominantly black country’s beer” (in reference to Red Stripe). The 15-year bar tender said, “That [red stripe]… fits his personality better.” Is a beer sommelier a good person to speculate on why Gates chose the beer he chose? And what qualifies a bartender to claim that one beer is better than another when considering personality? And does personality play into beer choice? And most importantly, is this even relevant? Obama’s beer choice (Bud Light) was considered “fake” by one expert and “American” by the other. Why is this front page news?

Moving on to page 2. More news about Gates. The press conference with Gates neighbor (who called 911) was highlighted. Page 3’s top story was about the decline in crime on the T. It’s nice to see a story about the decline of crime for a change, although they did state that crime in the category of “fraud” (more commonly known as people who don’t pay their fares) has increased dramatically.

Page 4 has a study titled “Organics not really better for you.”  The first sentence, “Organic food has no nutritional or health benefits over ordinary food, according to a major study published yesterday” already has problems. Like statistics, you can prove almost anything in studies. A singular study is generally unreliable and unaccepted in the scientific world. For a study to be accepted, not only must there be a successful study, but it must also be copied and proved correct by others. Also, by saying “no nutritional or health benefits” they are ignoring the fact that “ordinary food” sometimes has harmful effects (ex. hormones in dairy products have caused young girls to go through puberty at a much younger age than typical). How are we supposed to trust their study when they don’t provide all the facts and ignore the greater issue of potential harmful effects?

On the pro side of their paper, I enjoyed many current events side column tid-bits. I learned that charlie cards can be recharged online now.  You can now get your monlthy t-pass recharged online at! I also heard about a killing of a pregnant woman in Worcester, of the return of the Bay State Banner (black community newspaper), a bit about Madoff and his wife and his investment fraud story, and about the 75% increase for skin cancer for women over 30 when they use tanning beds. Other stories of interest included that Microsoft and Yahoo are joining forces to stay competitive against Google, that select Starbucks are getting a “major face-lift,” how to travel to Cairo, and about the latest Red Sox and Pats news.

Overall I enjoy reading the Metro during my commute because I feel like it keep me informed on a variety of issues. On the cover page, they featured a photo of the beers chosen by Gates, Obama, and Crowley.

Beer Choices

My last thought… Seeing the Blue Moon beer and reading the experts opinion (“A Blue Moon is a very summer beer and seems appropriate. I wonder if he’s going to put an orange in it”) made me crave a nice cold Blue Moon with an orange slice. Others I’ve spoken with have had similar feelings. Perhaps the story of the “throw back” at the While House will convince people to go out and buy more beer. I wonder what media organizations are linked to Red Stripe, Becks, BL, and Blue Moon (both via advertisements and ownership).



  1. I enjoy reading the Metro on my commute, as well. For something that’s meant to be read in 30-45 minutes while on the T, I find that I get a pretty good rundown of important local and national current events and issues.

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