Posted by: jeanmurin | August 2, 2009

The Onion Mocks Obama’s Seemingly Perfect Persona

One of my favorite news humor websites is The Onion. One of their most recent articles brings to light an interesting phenomenon: the public’s obsession with our commander-in-chief and perhaps its unrealistic expectations and scrutiny of his each and every move.

No President since John F. Kennedy has won the hearts of millions of Americans with his charisma, and Barack Obama’s eloquent speeches and tremendous public presence have certainly created an image the public will constantly expect him to uphold. These expectations coincide with the fact that in today’s society, the media follows every move of public figures, including politicians, and turning them into celebrities in their own right.

The article jokes that President Obama’s cough and unusual botching of public speech has caused riots and outrage in America. Although it’s a good chuckle, it makes me wonder: what will happen if Barack Obama truly lets his loyal devotees down somehow?

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