Posted by: jbunn | August 3, 2009


The power and politics of blogs (Drezner), sheds a light on the relationship between blogs, the media, and politics. While the general population doesn’t view a lot of blogs, our “opinion makers within the media take blogs seriously.”

I think it would be interesting to look at an “age vs. views of blogs” graph within the general population, the media, and within politicians. Also, an “age vs. effected by blogs” graph for various careers, and a “time vs. popularity” graph with top 10 popular blogs.

A reader is like  “blogroll” because it gives you clickable links in a favorite folder of blogs. As I read articles and blogs, I see how often news on blogs appears in the news, both political and entertainment. Celebrity blogs such as, and Perez Hilton get a lot of views each day.

There are so many ways to be a part of the blogosphere. The Web Ecology Project points out the specific case of twitter during the Iranian Elections. They provided a detailed statistical study on twitter during the first 18 days. I found it interesting that they could publish the usernames of the top 100 tweeters, and retweets. I wonder if any of them have read or know about this study.

Blogs sure have influenced how the media presents the news. It seems that to get the best news coverage possible one should read the “‘top’ of the blogosphere” Drenzer, in addition to getting the news from his or her regular other sources.


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