Posted by: davidrcollier | August 3, 2009

Can Design Save the Newspapers?

Everyone please watch this video:

It will be interesting to see how Newsweek’s recent redesign will affect circulation, although no sign of a sales bump yet.



  1. I’d like to respond to this post as an extended comment to be considered a blog post regarding a reading.

    First of all – I think this guy is awesome! His ideas and work are innovative and fresh, exactly what I think newspapers need to remain competitive.

    In a world dominated by the internet, iPhones, Blackberry, and Kindle, the newspaper has to revamp itself and do something to keep readers interested. Visual interest is an excellent way of doing so.

    In the reading, “Out of Print,” Eric Alterman laments the death of newspapers and agrees that it is in fact occurring. I hope more talented young individuals like Mr. Utko work towards maintaining newspapers because they are an invaluable function of democracy.

    By combining stimulating content with stimulating visual layout, newspapers will have a shot at surviving the digital revolution. I will be interested to see if the redesign of Newsweek increases sales.

  2. I would like to know what the design and style of non-print media is like in the countries mentioned in the video. We have seen that many of the US cable news channels (especially Fox) emphasize graphics and music to dramatize their reports. Is it realistic to think that a printed version of that same news will be more appealing, even with a new design?

  3. TED!!!! It has such cool topics.

    Anyways, its very pretty and visually appealing. Its interesting to see that its treated as one compostiion and has a balanced experience of up and done. It makes news into an art. Wow, its really intriguing.
    Can it save the newspaper in America, I don’t know but I will tell you something, I will definitely buy an issue to check it out if it comes to the US. And if others think like me than maybe?

  4. typo….done=down

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