Posted by: jeanmurin | August 3, 2009

US Government Twitter Directory

We’ve spent some time discussing new forms of media and their influence on politics, particularly Twitter.

Following news outlets, politicians and government officials and agencies on Twitter is an excellent way to get the latest, up-to-date information on news and politics. Check out this excerpt from Twitter Marketing Blog:

“Social media is almost vital to a politicians candidacy with 99% of young adults have a profile on a social network, and the fastest growing segment of the population on social networks being 50+ women.

Politicians have a large amount of tools at their ready to get support from the masses, create communities in person and on the Internet, and to promote their position on many important issues. Twitter is a powerful tool that politicians can use (and do use) to promote themselves to their constituents.”

I knew that a lot of officials and government agencies had Twitter, but after discovering the Twitter directory below I am in disbelief! If you followed all of these Twitter accounts, you’d definitely never miss a beat. Check it out!

USGovernment Twitter Directory


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