Posted by: davidrcollier | August 4, 2009

Another Example of Paid Content

USA Today have just released their ‘e-edition’, available free to print subscribers and for $99 a year as a stand alone subscription. The online edition is a replica of the print but with clickable links and videos embedded, and is guaranteed to be available by 5:30am EST.

You can view a sample copy here.

To me it does not overcome two problems that newspapers are facing: as with all papers, it will be a $99/year for yesterday’s news. This inherent problem has been apparent ever since 1997 when the Dallas Morning News became the first newspaper to break a story on its website rather than wait for the next print edition and run the risk of being scooped. Secondly, even USA Today have free access available to their website which contains the same, and continually updated, news stories.

Will people be willing to pay for a medium that is harder to read over breakfast and will be an outdated source of news compared to online? What are your thoughts?

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